Popcorn Tin 2 Gal American Flag | KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn

American Flag (2 Gallon)

American Flag (2 Gallon)

It's 4th of July! Celebrate Independence Day in style with this festive American Flag tin. It's the perfect, hassle free addition to a holiday BBQ, a family movie night, or even as a portable snack tin for watching the fireworks! Popped fresh every day, this is America's best popcorn, for America's favorite holiday.


Fill this two gallon tin with (1-3) of our gourmet popcorn flavors.

Select 1-3 popcorn flavor(s):

Scratch-Made Sriracha - Hand-crafted with our in-house Sriracha spice blend, our Sractch-made Sriraca will spice up your life.
Lavender Lemonade – a sweet, crunchy lemon lavender shell, made with lemon zest, lemon puree and lavender essences, and then topped with whole lavender buds. This flavor is a taste of PNW summer.
Brown Butter & Sea Salt – butter browned with popcorn Gluten Free All Natural
Classic Caramel - Old Fashioned Scratch Recipe with Real Butter and Brown Sugar
Caramel & Cheddar Mix - House Favorite Blend of Sweet Savory
Cheddar Cheese - cheddar cheese and real butter folded into our blend of popcorn
White Cheddar - white cheddar and real butter folded into our blend of popcorn
Kukuruza Kettle Corn - a favorite that will never go out of style
Hawaiian Salted Caramel - sea salt folded into our scratch made caramel
Jalapeno White Cheddar - White Cheddar Cheese with Fresh Jalapenos
Maple Bacon - Sweet maple and smokey bacon the two breakfast favorites
Wild Porcini mushrooms and cheese folded into popcorn with Black Truffle and Sea Salt
Coffee flavored corn with a splash of cream
Vinegar & Sea Salt - Malt Vinegar & Mediterranean Sea Salt
Fancy Nut Caramel - caramel corn mixed with fancy roasted cashews almonds & pecans
Tuxedo - Weave of Chocolate and White Chocolate with a hint of vanilla over Caramel Corn
S'mores - Caramel Corn with Graham Cracker Chunks and Marshmallows drenched in Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Kettle Corn - Classic Kettle Corn with Dark Chocolate drizzle
Caramel corn with almond extracts with coconut dark chocolate and toasted coconut

Price: $49.00