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KuKuRuZa Trio

KuKuRuZa Trio

An excellent way to try three flavors of your choice! Filled with 3 Medium bags (4 cups each), this is excellent addition to a movie night or as the perfect gift for a popcorn lover!

As a fun party - order all 3 seasonal flavors, and see what everyone thinks!

The Trio makes a great gift, and packaged in a beautiful gift box it's sure to impress.

    Select 3 popcorn flavors:

    Sour Cream & Onion
    Pumpkin Spice Pecan
    Coconut Macaroon
    12th Corn
    Brown Butter & Sea Salt – butter browned with popcorn Gluten Free All Natural
    Classic Caramel - Old Fashioned Scratch Recipe with Real Butter and Brown Sugar
    Caramel & Cheddar Mix - House Favorite Blend of Sweet Savory
    Cheddar Cheese - cheddar cheese and real butter folded into our blend of popcorn
    Hawaiian Salted Caramel - sea salt folded into our scratch made caramel
    Jalapeno White Cheddar - White Cheddar Cheese with Fresh Jalapenos
    Wild Porcini mushrooms and cheese folded into popcorn with Black Truffle and Sea Salt
    Coffee flavored corn with a splash of cream
    Vinegar & Sea Salt - Malt Vinegar & Mediterranean Sea Salt
    Fancy Nut Caramel - caramel corn mixed with fancy roasted cashews almonds & pecans
    Tuxedo - Weave of Chocolate and White Chocolate with a hint of vanilla over Caramel Corn
    S'mores - Caramel Corn with Graham Cracker Chunks and Marshmallows drenched in Chocolate

    Price: $19.00