Try Them All: March 2017

Try Them All: March 2017

Try Them All: March 2017

For the months of March & April, we will be featuring Nori Sesame, Madagascar Vanilla, & Dark Chocolate Kettle Corn. Try them all for $11.45. (Includes 3 small bags, one of each flavor)

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Nori Sesame

Air popped popcorn is lightly coated in sesame oil and nori, with a touch of salt. This flavor is light but packs a punch - and will leave you grabbing for more.

Madagascar Vanilla

Delightfully crafted with white sugar and Madagascar Vanilla beans, our Madagascar Vanilla caramel is creamy and crunchy and will exceed your wildest expectations.

Dark Chocolate Kettle Corn

A traditional snack...upgraded. We take our handcrafted classic kettle corn recipe and topped it with drizzled chocolate and chopped cocoa nibs. Light, chocolate-y, and utterly divine.

Price: $11.45