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Kukuruza popcorn fundraising has been a wonderful experience for the highline drill team. It was very simple and we raised over $1000 in few days! Not only is the popcorn delicious, the staff is a delight to work with. Kukuruza makes fundraising easy! It was a pleasure to work with the Kukuruza crew and Highline will definitely be back! - Highline Drill Team (2016)


For two years, the Shorewood Elementary School’s PTA has sold Kukuruza Popcorn as their Spring Fundraiser. Our PTA chose Kukuruza for a variety of reasons. We really liked the fact that it is locally made – supporting local industry/businesses is important to us. The price was also important. Finances for many families is tight and we really did not want to exclude kids from being able to participate if they wanted to participate, so we wanted to sell a reasonably priced product. As a fundraiser, profit was also a key consideration. With Kukuruza, we retained 50% of the moneys from the sale of the popcorn, which is a better profit margin than a lot of fundraising products in the market. In terms of real dollars, our kids sold over 2,000 bags of popcorn and the PTA made over $6K, money which allows us to continue to support assemblies, field trips, the library, events, teachers and students... And the primary reason we chose Kukuruza? The popcorn is FANTASTIC! After receiving their orders, many people commented that they wished they had purchased more – Thankfully, there are Kukuruza stores so they don’t have to wait for the next Spring Fundraiser. - Shorewood Elementary School (2016)


Admin Assistants at Barclays NY office got together to fundraise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society’s annual Light the Night event.

With the help of Kukuruza’s fundraising program as well as other charity activities, our team has raised over $4,500 for the cause.  The staff at Kukuruza is the best and so easy to work with.  The popcorn tastes great & everyone is always excited to taste some. They have so many flavors to choose from.  We hope to continue fundraising with Kukuruza each year! - Barclays New York (2016)

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