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Now Shipping Winter/Spring 2019 What's with the name, you ask? KuKuRuZa is pronounced just like it looks. Ku-Ku-Ru-Za. Say it with us. Kind of fun to say isn't it? In case you were wondering, "kukuruza" is Russian for corn.

Our popcorn is grown on a family farm in Washington state and lovingly crafted into our 15+ KuKuRuZa creations in Seattle, WA.

We love trying new things. New exotic ingredients, new flavor combinations, new twists on classic recipes. Just talking about it is enough to get us salivating and our creative juices flowing.

Seattle Popcorn

This passion for new taste experiences is what gave birth to KuKuRuZa in 2004. It began with small batches over our home kitchen range, then it was specialty popcorn equipment in our garage, and finally we moved into our first retail shop. We like to think we've been pushing the culinary envelope of popcorn ever since.

Seattle Popcorn


Today, we offer our Washington-grown, Seattle popcorn creations in 16 KuKuRuZa shops located in Seattle, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Cairo. Of course you can order online, but we hope you'll also take the time to visit us in person the next time you find yourself in one of these cities! It's the greatest honor we can imagine getting to share our popcorn with discerning snack connoisseurs around the world.

We're always looking for new ideas, feedback, and to get to know our customers better. If there is any possible way we can improve your KuKuRuZa experience, please drop us a line at info@kukuruza.com.

Happy snacking,

The KuKuRuZa Team