Flavor of the Month: Amaretto Almond

Flavor of the Month: Amaretto Almond

Meet Amaretto Almond, our April 2014 flavor of the month. This delectable flavor comes at just the right time as sunny days begin to poke their heads through the rainy ones and we start to make that final transition into Seattle spring weather. 

KuKuRuZa Amaretto Almond Popcorn

Our chefs infuse our Classic Caramel recipe with both amaretto and almond extract, before mixing in whole almonds and popcorn, to create the perfect balance of amaretto and almond.

Adding amaretto and almond extract to KuKuRuZa Classic Caramel popcorn

KuKuRuZa chef Tim adding almond and amaretto extract to a batch of our Classic Caramel popcorn

After the almonds have been thoroughly stirred in with the infused caramel popcorn, we transport the batch to a large cooling table where it is constantly moving during the cooling process. 

Adding almonds for KuKuRuZa Almond Amaretto Popcorn  Stirring almonds in with popcorn for KuKuRuza Amaretto Almond Popcorn

Time for the almonds and thorough stirring & mixing!

This constant moving prevents the popcorn from becoming one giant Amaretto Almond popcorn ball as it is brought down to room temperature (but how terrible would that be really?). 

KuKuRuZa Almond Amaretto cooling

Chef Tim preventing the largest Amaretto Almond popcorn ball from forming

Be sure to grab a bag of this flavor before it's gone! It will only be available until the last day of April. Once you've snatched this month's flavor, go soak up some sun, and let us know how it is! We'd love to see how you're enjoying Amaretto Almond and the springtime weather, so share a picture of your popcorn on our Twitter page (@KuKuRuZa or #KuKuRuZa) for a chance to be featured on our social media!

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