What's in the Bunny's Basket?

What's in the Bunny's Basket?

Easter is just around the corner and we can't wait to open our Easter Baskets! This year, we decided to fancify, so we're filling our Easter Baskets with popcorn and other gourmet treats from around the city.

We started our baskets with Flight Bags of Amaretto Almond, Seattle Style (espresso), and Hawaiian Salted Caramel popcorn from our shop in the heart of Ballard. In fact, this week we're offering 10% off our individual flight bags at all of our stores & online, for just that reason! 

Easter screams chocolate dipped marshmallows (right?), so next we added in our favorites from Chocolopolis. Have you ever had their homemade marshmallows dipped in 72% dark chocolate? Just a warning: once you've tried them, there's no going back!

And of course, we have to have candy. It's Easter! But that doesn't necessarily mean we have to go to QFC and pick up a bag of jelly beans -- there are tons of artisan candy shops, right here in Seattle. One of our favorites is actually an online shop, based out of Seattle, called This Charming Candy. They sell incredible flavors of lollipops and hard candies from Watermelon-Basil to Quince and Honeysuckle; there really is a flavor for every taste. Even better? She sells variety packs, so you can put of few of each type into each basket! 

From here, we finished off the baskets with details for each individual, including Stumptown Cold Brew, Fentamin's Sodas, or Dr Brew's Kombucha, depending on each person's preference.

Easter is a holiday that everyone should enjoy, kids & parents, young & old, so this year, we're making sure that everyone finds the basket they're looking for.


This week we're offering a 10% discount off of our individually packed flight bags* to share the Easter love. Incorporate new treats in your Easter eggs and baskets this year and don't forget to let us know what you picked in the comments! 


Happy Easter from KuKuRuZa


*for online purchases, use the code EASTER2014 on our Popcorn Pack of individual flight bags

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