Donation Spotlight: North Helpline

Donation Spotlight: North Helpline
At KuKuRuZa, we really value the communities that surround us, and try to give back every chance we get through our community donations and fundraising programs, through which we provide more than $2,500 of support every year to more than 100 organizations.
As a shoutout to one of our favorite nonprofits that we've had the chance to work with, today we’re going to tell you about Seattle’s North Helpline.
Seattle North Helpline Family

Started in 1989, North Helpline began with a small group of volunteers who, by noticing the difficulty of their neighbors putting food on their tables on top of paying rent and covering utilities, proactively began collecting food and financial support for them. They saw the importance of supporting their neighbors when they needed assistance and came up with a system to provide and distribute that support to those most in need in their community.

This small proactive group has transformed tremendously in the past 25 years. The initial group has grown to more than 600 volunteers who contribute over 2,000 hours of work every month. They have expanded their services to now offer critical human services to over 1,700 clients each week. North Helpline’s dedication to reducing the impact of hunger and poverty in the Greater North Seattle Area is admirable and we were happy to support them in their vision. We wish them the best in their continuing efforts to improving lives by providing critical services to those in need.

To learn more about North Helpline and what they do, be sure to visit their website.

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