May Seasonal Specialties

May Seasonal Specialties
 With every sunny day that passes by, it seems that summer is just within reach. With summer and BBQ cookouts on the mind, we couldn't resist developing our new May Seasonal Specialties, BBQ Cheddar and Rocky Road. 


Our BBQ Cheddar is thoughtfully hand-crafted with a scratch made cheddar recipe and a homemade BBQ mix. With a sharp cheddar base, we mix in tomato, onion, garlic and Worcestershire sauce to create a simply irresistible treat. Grab a bag of BBQ Cheddar and be a hit at the next cookout with friends and family!


BBQ Cheddar is available in stores and online through May 31st


What would summer and sunny days be without a proper helping of ice cream? Well look no further than our Rocky Road popcorn. Our take on the beloved ice cream flavor, Rocky Road starts off with our Classic Caramel. Then we blend in cashews, almonds, and pecans. But wait, we're not through yet. After mixing in the nuts, we fold in luscious marshmallows and lattice this sweet blend of deliciousness with milk and white chocolate. Is your mouth watering yet?


Rocky Road is available in stores and online through May 31st


There you have it. We've come up with the winning combination of flavors to be the hero at your next BBQ. And hopefully, we're bringing summer just a little bit closer with every bite. Grab a bag of our BBQ Cheddar and Rocky Road in stores and online through May 31st. And don't forget to tag us (@KuKuRuZa and #KuKuRuZa) for a chance to be featured on our social media!

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