At KuKuRuZa, we individually craft each Christmas and Holiday gourmet popcorn gift to order. Our sophisticated gourmet popcorn gifts are fantastic for family and friends as well as corporate gift giving. We offer an extensive array of Christmas gourmet popcorn gift baskets and decorative Christmas and holiday gourmet popcorn tins.

You can easily customize gifts for any taste. From classic flavors like Caramel and Cheese, to gourmet Guittard ™ chocolate popcorn assortments, fancy nut with caramel corn combinations and even sophisticated alcohol artisan popcorn.

A KuKuRuZa tradition is the stringing of the popcorn tinsel. We take it to a new level by using our Caramel Corn for a wonderful sweet aroma. Mmmmm. Nothing like the smell of a fresh pine Christmas Tree laced with fresh caramel corn. We tried the white chocolate caramel corn because we thought it would look like snow, but the heat from the Christmas Tree lights made it melt. Licking the chocolate off those lights was quite a chore.

The Grinch won’t steal Christmas with a a big bucket of KuKuRuZa gourmet popcorn at your home.

KukuRuza Christmas eve secret. Not many people know this, but if you leave Santa a tin of Cashew Caramel Corn and Rocky Road Caramel Popcorn you’ll get EVERYTHING on your list even if you were naughty this year. With those cookies and milk, you’ll just get a pair of socks again. "Choose from one of our suggested gifts or create your custom gift by selecting your tin and then choosing your favorite flavors."

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