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  • "WOW! I just received my first order from KuKuRuZa and I am so pleased. I put your website into my Favorites for the next time I need to order a neat gift. I ordered the Birthday Favorite Variety Pack. For the money, and quality it is WELL WORTH the $22.95! Thank You!"2/17/09 Pat T, Alabama

  • "Hello. My boyfriend and I were in Seattle on Saturday for a day trip celebrating his Birthday. On our way to the market we noticed your shop and came in. You have a nice store, very pleasant staff and needless to say your popcorn is the bomb!! I brought some back with me and shared with my colleagues. They absolutely loved it, went online and placed orders. Anyway, just thought I would share. Thanks for your kindness while we were at the store. We wish you much success and will be ordering from you often!"2/24/09 Helga G, California

  • "I love your popcorn ! Thank you for accommodating online purchasers as we live about 45 minutes south and can't come in to the store as often as we'd like."2/16/09 Kendra H, Maple Valley, WA

  • "Behold the BEST popcorn ever!!"2/22/09 Mikella M, Seattle, WA

  • "My family loved your popcorn, can't keep it hidden anymore"2/15/09 Vonne S, Helena, MT

  • "Love your gourmet popcorn!!"2/27/09 Karen D, Sammamish, WA

  • "Thank you so much for the exceptional ongoing customer service I have received from you guys"2/17/09 Eddie K, London, England

  • "Hello. At Christmas, I received your popcorn as a gift and LOVED IT!"4/15/09 Lisa L, Lexington, SC

  • "We discovered Kukuruza when a bag of their popcorn was caught by our friend on our Duck Tour. We all shared the yummy popcorn and it was a great distraction from the somewhat boring tour ;) When we went back to the store, the employees were super nice and they were happy to give us as many samples as we wanted. All of the basic, sweet, and savory popcorn's were delicious! They even mix the spices right when you order a bag (for example, we got some of the jalapeno popcorn) and then they taste test it to make sure it's just right (no wonder they are so happy; this seems like a perfect job!). The bags and tins come in all different sizes and are a little pricey (a small bag starting around $4) but so worth it! Yum!"6/11/2009 Meghan P, San Francisco, CA


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