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  • "Hope you enjoy this fantastic popcorn from Seattle. Come visit soon so you can eat some in person!"6/14/09 Amanda H, Oak Harbor, WA

  • "I am in the food business, but never seen anything like this. Very clean, fast service, and best of all, popcorn at it's highest taste! Good value, happy staff makes for nice break-you gotta go!"1/19/09 Source: Urban Spoon

  • "Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese Flavored Popcorn? Burgundy Wine and Cheddar Cheese Flavor? Sounds weird, but SOOOOO GOOD!"6/1/2009 Karen, Seattle, WA (Via Yelp, 5 stars)

  • "For Garrett's popcorn fans, this is a decent west coast option! While the store does not smell of fresh, hot popcorn, the favors of the cheese and caramel popcorn mix are good! They have a huge range of flavors -- some of which sound great. Some, a bit over the top. Cheese/Caramel is just as addictive as Garrett's. (Perhaps not as greasy though). Can't have just one!"11/11/08 Danielle, San Francisco, CA (Via Yelp, 4 stars)

  • "Um, Um… Wonderful. So Happy to have found you."6/23/09 Elaine N, Sun Lakes, AZ

  • "Gourmet popcorn!!! And at the perfect time; I had a craving after eating some great kettle corn I had at the Wango Tango concert. For locals and professionals, it's great because you can get bags and tins to-go for family or clients. Bags come in different sizes, perfect for eating on the go or taking on the plane. And they even sell pixie stix and wax lips, sounds like a keeper to me!!! Krackle Korn is better. Light, but flavorful, and very sweet and reminds me of old school Cracker Jack. Caramel/cheese combo is great and definitely wanna try the curry cashew next time. Staff was really friendly and had a chance to briefly talk to partner Robert Hicks. Very friendly and their store is immaculate, definitely improves the overall quality of third and Pike! They do ship and you can order online, so I know I'll be ordering again. Great place if you wanna get gifts your fam will appreciate other than keychains or t-shirts."5/27/09 Neil N, Walnut Creek, CA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks and this place is near where I work. Thanks to a guy handing out samples on the sidewalk I gave it a shot about 2 weeks ago. I'm very impressed with the quality. Twice now I've bought a bag of the white cheddar and it quenches my habit splendidly. What I don't like is how the price seems to have crept up in 15 short days. What used to be gallon, quart, etc. is now small/medium/large and I'm pretty sure I spent less on a quart 2 weeks ago than I did on a medium today (just over $6 w/ tax).. and they are the same thing. So I guess I should just stop complaining. It's not like gourmet popcorn is on a list of basic necessities or anything like that. I'm giving them 4 stars."4/1/09 Mike S., Seattle WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "I was walking to Qdoba for lunch when I saw one of their workers handing out samples...took a small sampler cup and I was impressed. I went in and was surprised with their huge popcorn selection....I'm a big fan of caramel corn and decided to buy a small bag. I ordered a quart of the "Classy"...half order of the "triple nut caramel" and a half order of the "caramel w/cashew". The quart size looks like the size of a bag of coffee and it cost me $3.50 w/tax. The service was very good and the people behind the counter were very helpful. I now deem this place as the place to go for a mid-afternoon snack. I look forward to trying their other flavors as well. If you love popcorn as a snack, this is the place to go."3/2/09 Romeo I, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "A gourmet popcorn store! A place you can actually sample the delish flavors beforehand instead of just grabbing some random bag that say"Caramel Popcorn" and blindly trusting that it will actually BE big popped kernels coated in caramel....instead of that crap that comes in tins at Christmas! KuKuRuZa is the real deal, folks -- they have 12-15 standby flavors, and they mix it up with special concoctions. Today it was Mexican Hot Chocolate (cinnamon-y!), next week it might be something different. The flavors change seasonally too. :) My favorites so far: White Cheddar, Caramel with Cashews (cheaper than with peanuts!), plain Caramel. 3 sizes of bags to choose from, and they'll mix if you want 2 flavors without 2 bags. :) Service when I went in at 1pm on a Friday was good, the crazy sample guy was doing his thang outside too. The only downside to having a gourmet popcorn store so close to my work is that I'll get fat off popcorn. It has nutrients, right? Is popcorn a vegetable? Don't answer that."1/30/09 Sara C, Seattle, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)


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