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  • "What a fun place! I was in a hurry so didn't get to spend that much time in there. Looks like they had some great, unusual flavor combinations. We tried the cheese and carmel and the smores- both were so yummy. Service was good, the girl was a little slow but their wasnt anyone else in there. It was very clean."11/23/08 AJ Edmonds, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "Popcorn to die for."08/30/09 John H, HI

  • "I am addicted to Kukuruza. Deliciousness in a bag. Some of their flavors don't cut it for me, but I love the caramel and the cheddar cheese. They are always super friendly and give you a taste. It's a fun afternoon treat for me and some of my co-workers. And it's low-calorie too."9/8/2009 Peter H, Seattle, WA (Yelp 5 Stars)

  • "I knew this place was here but it wasn't until one of my co-workers let me try some that I rushed over after work to get me some popcorn. I was overwhelmed with all the choices and those who know me know that it takes me forever to make a decision. I started off with a sample of the buffalo wing and blue cheese popcorn. It was surprisingly good, but not sure if I could eat a whole bag of it. I finally settled on one bag of the rainbow fruit and one bag of the caramel, cheddar, caramel mix. Yes, the prices seem high, but this ain't your grandmother's Jiffy Pop. I think you definitely get your money's worth. As soon as my two bags run out, I will be back for more!"9/9/2009 PL X. Renton, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "I'm addicted!!"09/29/09 Francine C, Oakland, CA


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