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  • "Wow! Fun popcorn! I love it. It's not ultra cheap, but a quart of specialty flavored popcorn for $3 is not that bad. It's excellent and tasty. My favorites are the fruity popcorn, the Smores (with real marshmallows and graham crackers) and the intense caramel. I highly recommend."3/4/09 Sam H, Seattle, WA (Yelp 5 Stars)

  • "I've been walking past this place for months, having a sample of their caramel and cheddar mix, always enjoying it, never walking in. One day, one of my co-workers brought a bag to share and said that there was a bunch of flavors, and that people can try them out. Last week, I got curious. Tried a bunch out, and then spent $10 on three quarts of popcorn. The Krackle Korn is pretty much kettle corn, but without butter, and more glaze. It's declicious, and it's hard to stop eating. It's like crack (hence the name, perhaps?). The Chipotle Cheddar is one of their two spicy cheddars (the other being Jalapeno). It's got a nice smokey spice flavor that pleasantly lingers in your mouth. I loved it. The Amaretto Almond - woah. That is some serious flavor. It made my eyes open wide and my taste buds jump. Bees knees, baby. They have a bunch more flavors that range from meh to mah-goodness-that's-some-mighty-tasty-popcorn. Try a couple samples. You're bound to find something that you love."1/27/09 Thai D, Seattle WA (Yelp 5 Stars)

  • "I am a sucker for popcorn. I'll eat it lightly salted, drenched in butter, salty-sweet from the kettle, you name it. I get cravings for movie popcorn and keep a mental list of the theaters with the best butter. Long story short, popcorn is my friend. There are few foods that can claim the high flavor, low nutrition ratio - it's basically air. Delicious, delicious air. Anyway, I'm walking around downtown today and there is a lady handing out free popcorn samples! Gourmet popcorn, even! Light, fluffy, savory-sweet cheddar caramel popcorn, a flavor combo I would not have put together by myself but now will eternally lust after. (Btw, it's cheddar corn and caramel corn together in a cup...not, like, caramel mixed in with cheddar before they coat the corn. *shudder*). Inside, the store looks a lot like a candy shop, with all kinds of brightly colored kernels or ooey gooey coated popcorn clusters to gawk at. The folks are happy to let you sample the flavors to come up with your ideal crunchy treat, and there's a wall lined with tins of all sizes that you can have filled up with your favorite popcorn flavor (or flavors). Now I know what I'm bringing to the office Christmas party!"12/4/08 Amie S., Seattle, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch... Shoot, I can't stop. I can't! Crunch, crunch...crunch...crunch...*lick lips* The roof of my mouth is somehow numb thanks to the overdose of sugar Mr. Ryan and I got out of a quart of caramel corn. He paid $2.50 for this "classic," which we thought was a steal. Of course, Ms. Sweet Tooth here had to get a quart of one of their Decadent collection popcorn, the Coconut Macaroon. I tasted it before getting it. Oh my! Besides having one of the best "crunch" textures I've experienced in a long time, the combination of coconut flakes, chocolate and an almondy caramel all together was pure perfection. I still have to try those kinds that combine popcorn and nuts, like the Triple Nut Caramel and the Caramel with Cashews. They also sell the nuts apart. And they have tins. Lots of tins. The BF kind of frowned when he saw these. According to him, popcorn tins are cheesy. I think this is one of the cases where you sorta, kinda have to love the cheese. But I digress. I did sample the cheddar cheese popcorn but wasn't crazy about it. The crunch factor wasn't even comparable to the sweeties. Not even close. Service was very good--kind, merry girls were running around, genuinely eager to help customers with their picks. The place is cute and not too flashy, and I loved the fact they have the popcorn displayed in glasses similar to those where martinis are served. Excellent choice for a couple of marching kids who were running out of calories and low in energy! Crunch, crunch, crunch!"11/15/08 Valentina V, Seattle WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "I usually hate hate hate popcorn. It feels like eating cardboard, gets stuck in your teeth, and makes your fingers all greasy. But now thanks to Kukuruza, I'm totally on the popcorn bandwagon - so long as it's Kukuruza we're talking about. Like so many others, I was lured in by the free sample. With my popcorn-hating ways, I was a bit weary taking the cup from the tray, but hey, it's free. And I munched. And munched again. And hey - what do you know? It's not cardboard. It's light and airy with a great crunch. Teeth stickage is minimal to non-existant, and most importantly, no greasy fingers! Now, theoretically, I suppose you COULD just take home a bag of the perfectly air-popped plain popcorn and add your own butter and salt if you're a fan of buttery, greasy fingers, but why in the world you would want to is beyond me. Especially with as many wonderfully interesting flavors as Kukuruza offers. Black raspberry with white chocolate! S'mores! Cheeses of all types! There's even scary technicolor "fruit" popcorn for the kids in the audience. Personally, I'm gonna stick with the caramel corn - crunchy, sweet, and a handful or two is just right for an afternoon treat. "2/4/09 Elise L, Seattle, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "I like their popcorn. It is delicious. I got 1 quart bag of the coconut macaroon and 1 quart bag of the rocky road. I sampled it they were delicious. The only thing I was NOT impressed w/ was the service. Actually that's not even true; the people that helped me were very nice, there was 1 guy there, I'm assuming the manager who was terse with me. "prices are there, flavors are there, did you have any other questions?" Well-- I didn't have any questions to begin w/ because I can read."11/17/08 Quinn C, Seattle WA (Yelp 3 Stars)

  • "One of my coworkers is from Chicago, and lately he's been talking my ear off about Garrett's popcorn and how it's Just Not The Same anywhere else. So it's no surprise that within days of Kukuruza opening its downtown Seattle store, my coworker's spidey-sense tingled and he was off to try, and judge, their gourmet popcorn. This place reminds me of a Baskin-Robbins for fancy popcorn. They have the usual flavors - plain, cheese, caramel, white cheddar, and that odd caramel-and-cheese mix that is apparently a Garrett's favorite. They also have more elaborate flavors like that sugary rainbow popcorn, jalapeno cheese, caramel cappucino, and chipotle cheddar, as well as super-sweet desserty flavors like honey granola, white chocolate caramel, black raspberry and white chocolate, coconut macaroon, and irish cream with white chocolate. In-store, prices start at $2.50 for a quart-size bag of the simpler flavors, and go up from there for the more elaborate ones. You can also get larger 1-gallon bags and gift tins, and they have a large stock of decorative tins in the store to choose from. You can also order online - it looks like a lot of their online business is aimed at corporate gifts. When I went in, they weren't too busy and had more than enough staff, but everyone was kind of bustling around in confusion, so they weren't serving customers very quickly - but this is probably just them working out the kinks, as they just opened last week. The place is decorated to look like an old-time ice cream parlor or candy store, with lots of glass, tile floors, and high wooden shelving, and it has a fun and friendly atmosphere. My coworker's verdict was "not as good as Garrett's, but still pretty good." When you get tired of the tiny donuts at Pike Place, now there's a new option!"11/12/08 Stephanie P, Seattle, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "I've passed by this place a bajillion times but never bothered going in until I was suckered in by the dude handing out samples of their caramel and cheese mix of popcorn (cheese popcorn mixed with caramel corn, not some awful ungodly hybrid). It was tasty enough that I decided to go in. The place was clean and upscale and the decor seemed like what you would get if Starbucks and Coldstone bred. The staff was nice enough, although when I went in, they were spread kind of thin - one guy outside handing out samples, one girl off on break or something, and another one behind the counter, both making and selling corn. Even still, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes, so it wasn't bad. They've got the popcorn organized into three pricing tiers, with each being more extravagant than the last. I stared at their myriad of decadent flavors for about 5 minutes before settling on the smallest bag of cheese jalapeno. It came out to $3 and was a slender bag, just about the size of my forearm. Doesn't seem like much, but when you compare it to those big bags of popcorn in the snack aisle that are mostly air, it's not that expensive. The corn itself was mad tasty - their powdered cheese was creamy, and the jalapeno gave it a nice flavor, if not an actual spicy bite. So, when you get down to it, it's cheaper than a latte and a heck of a lot more tasty. Not something you'd eat every day, but a nice occasional treat."1/22/09 Kate B, Seattle WA (Yelp 4 Stars)

  • "Sick of spending $6+ bucks on movie theater popcorn? Stop by Kukuruza and pick up some delicious gourmet popcorn for 1/2 the price! Regular popcorn! Caramel Corn! Blue/Green/Yellow/Red popcorn! Cheese popcorn! S'mores popcorn! Cinnamon popcorn! Popcorn with peanuts! Popcorn without peanuts! Kukuruza has it ALL- and more! I read about them in a Seattle Dining newsletter, and walked by for a sample a few days later. The caramel/cheese popcorn mix was delicious and I knew I'd be back for more. I popped into the actual store a few hours later and chose a small bag of the S'mores popcorn, and it was dee-lish! Never will I ever pay top dollar for mediocre popcorn at the Regal Meridian or Pacific Place AMC. I'll buy myself a $2.50 bag of yumminess and sneak it in!"12/2/08 Sarah S, Seattle, WA (Yelp 4 Stars)


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